When your folder structure and mounts are in place you install the base system into the new partitions.


The minimum required is the base meta package.

But to actually run the install we need kernel, a tool to create the initial image, network, boot loader, boot manager, text editor and sudo.

Possible choices

  • The base meta package
  • A kernel
    • By release linux53
    • Latest linux-latest
    • LTS linux-lts
  • Network
    • Basic ethernet using dhcp
    • For more advanced Network Manager
  • Grub boot loader
  • EFI boot manager
  • Texteditor
    • Any terminal based of your choice, to name a few nano, vi, vim.
  • Sudo

Run basestrap command to install the packages into the newly mounted root

# basestrap /mnt base linux-latest dhcpcd networkmanager grub mkinitcpio efibootmgr nano sudo