Type of system

What type

Two types of systems exist - distinguished by how the system initializes hardware components and how the system boots.

It is important to know that UEFI based systems is different when you install the bootloader and you should not mix MBR and UEFI.

This document is about modern UEFI based systems. If you have an old BIOS based system don't use this document.

Hardware initialization

This can be either

  • BIOS
  • EFI or UEFI

If your system is recent and bought with a Windows OS 8 or better - it will most likely use UEFI. You can read what differentiate UEFI and BIOS based system on Wikipeadia

Partition schema

  • BIOS systems uses MBR partition schema but can work with UEFI
  • UEFI systems requires GPT partition schema and cannot work with MBR

And you should not mix the two - it will only lead to trouble.